Final day in Cape Verde

Our final day in Cape Verde was spent exploring a local village.

(In the glamourous white defender again!)

One of the beautiful things about Cape Verde is how brightly coloured all the houses are - which definitely reflects in the happy personalities of the locals!

We had a lovely week in Cape Verde - but it was very nice to be back on British soil!

The Santa Maria Cargo Ship Wreck

Our second outing was to the Santa Maria Cargo Ship Wreck - and our transport was a rather cool Defender! Which made for a very bumpy ride...

The ship wreck was pretty impressive - and was the only thing you could see for miles on the beach.

Most of the ship has now been washed away, leaving only a rusty skeleton for people to see. It was still very impressive to visit!

I'd recommend this day trip if you do visit Cape Verde - it was an interesting excursion, but it was very nice to get back to the hotel and have a shower after a hot day!

Exploring Cape Verde

Our first day trip was to the city, where we were given some of the local cuisine for breakfast (unfortunately we weren't too keen...) - and we were also treated to some music while we ate.

One of the most surprising things about Cape Verde was how friendly everyone was, regardless of their living situations or jobs - all the locals that we met were kind, helpful and eager to say hello. It was refreshing, and so completely different to what we were used to!

The sea front in the city was a little less appealing than the beach at our hotel, but there was lots of pretty little boats to look at!

(And a sunken one!)

Part of our tour round the city led us to where the locals did their laundry - and unlike the chore it is for us back home, out there it was a group activity that everyone seemed to enjoy!

I hope you're enjoying our photos from our holiday to Cape Verde - there's not too many more to go!

Swimming in warmer waters

Being in such a warm country with beautifully clear sea meant we couldn't resist a dip! (only one dip though - the pool was also very appealing!)

I will admit, that as beautiful as Cape Verde was, there wasn't a huge amount to do there outside of the hotel - which meant that I had a great opportunity to storm through all of the Games of Thrones books! (would recommend!)

Exploring our hotel in Cape Verde

Our hotel was a bit of an oasis in the middle of desert - full of palm trees, beautiful fountains, sand coloured buildings and a lovely cool swimming pool.

A swimming pool we very quickly discovered had a swim up bar - plus unlimited drinks as part of our package. Mum and I took full advantage of their delicious, juicy mocktails while we lounged by the pool ready our books - not a bad way to spend a relaxing week away!

One thing we did notice about Cape Verde is that they have a lot of stray cats - and they are all very friendly! (Especially when you have food nearby)

If you do end up going to Cape Verde, I would recommend booking onto a Thomson all inclusive holiday like we did - the hotel was beautiful, the staff were all very friendly locals and the Thomson reps were always around to help.

Arriving in Cape Verde

Last summer Mum & I went on a holiday to Cape Verde for a week. We stayed on the island called Boa Vista (Cape Verde is a country made up of a collection of islands). The island is basically one huge, dry, hot desert with palm trees sprinkled across it. We stayed at the RUI Karamboa Hotel & Resort, which was an enormous, sprawling hotel with nothing but sand dunes and sea surrounding it.

The hotel was directly on the beach, which I will admit was only full of tourists - no local people to be found!

The hotel decorations were inspired by the local culture, with lots of sculptures, colourful patterns and wood throughout.

We were pretty tired after a long day travelling - and very much looking forward to a relaxing week by the pool!